The AUTHOR GROUP project It was born in 2015 by two entrepreneurs who love the land. Jordi and Miquel, who after many years working on agricultural projects in Brazil, decided to return to their origins, Spain, taking with them their experience, contacts and knowledge of the fruit sector, specifically in melon and watermelon farms.

TOTAL QUALITY in fruit supply

From the first moment they opted to achieve TOTAL QUALITY, working on two fundamental aspects:

  1. Get a premium product reliable that would satisfy the most demanding palates and at the same time guarantee high quality product to supermarkets and fruit stores.

  2. The effective and efficient logistics. The quality standard was complemented from the beginning with logistics and an organization that guaranteed to be able to comply at all times with the delivery times of the product demanded by the market, agility and flexibility for distributors.

Have distribution centers in Valencia, Almería and La Mancha, which allow us to be closer to the final destination of our fruits. These standards, to this day, have been the trend to work on and constantly improve, achieving very high levels of reliability, a fact that has allowed them to gain the trust of several supermarket chains.


We are currently the producer and marketer of melon and watermelon with the greatest penetration in the Spanish market, and proof of this and the commitment to TOTAL QUALITY is the construction of a new fruit processing and distribution center in El Puig, Valencia, with more than 10,000m2 built, with availability of loading docks, refrigeration area, transit area and clean rooms for the processing of 4th range products, dehydrated products and juices, in addition to a specific R&D area where we continually research and We test new products, new solutions and new sustainable packaging models that improve the products and the end consumer experience.

PREMIUM brands

Signature Melon and Watermelon Foodie, with its variants Foodie Black and Foodie White, lead our project, which also offers the market quality product without the PREMIUM designation under the brand Tropfruits, to satisfy any market demand with the highest quality, both in product and service.


Aware of the demand of markets that go further, since 2019 we have been producing 4th range, dehydrated and juices, and we continue working on other products with high added value, which we constantly test and launch on the market.


Numerous EU countries, and also him United Kingdom, already have our products on the shelves of the main supermarket and fruit store chains, quality standards that, in an increasingly demanding market, show that GRUPO AUTOR is a reliable and priority partner for the food retail sector.

Communicating for our clients' clients

In Author Group, from the first day we were very clear that communicating well and addressing the final consumer would be a very powerful boost for our brands, and added value for our clients, supermarkets and fruit shops, for this reason we are committed to effective, dynamic B2C communication and that generated immediate brand recognition among our clients' customers.

An effective and creative marketing and communication department, original communication strategies and being present on social networks, radio and television would be the key to the success of our brands.

Proof of this is the recognition that the prestigious Internet Stars Award has given us for two consecutive years, as finalists in 2019 and as winners in the most social website section in 2020.

Already in 2018 we created the Foodie family and its entire social environment, with numerous characters such as Mr. Sandío, Paco Melon, Valentina or your dog Ruffy that have accompanied our brands on social networks, TV, press and packaging, providing an aura of proximity always linked to family, healthy living, cooking and smiles.

In 2020 we already carried out our first advertising and sponsorship campaigns on TV, following the strategy for two more years and this year 2023 we continue to bet on this channel with our campaigns on Telecinco, Four and Galician Television.


In 2019 we began to work on the presence of our brands in high-level and wide-ranging sporting events, being present at the Davis Cup 2019 and the Davis Cup 2021 and in other tennis tournaments such as the tournament Conde de Godó.

Signature Cuisine

An important part of the B2C social communication of our brands is the link with the kitchen, since that is where the most complex flavors of our fruits emanate. In the Signature Kitchen we discover recipes, tricks and original combinations every week with Foodie Watermelon, Signature Melon and many other fruits and culinary elements, as well as with meat and fish. The idea is to surprise users and end customers with the amount of culinary resources that these two delicious fruits offer us, which are also a perfect food supplement, balanced and with many contributions to a healthy diet.

Origin Spanish

Whenever the weather cycle allows it, which is most of the year, we produce our fruits in our fields in Valencia, Almería, Murcia, Albacete, Ciudad Real, Tarragona or Huelva.

During certain times of the year we are nourished by plantations leased from the farmer in Brazil and Senegal, allowing us to provide products all year round.