Staff care and measures taken to help make life easier for employees

More and more companies are committed to implementing measures and means that promote the physical and mental well-being of workers. Not only is it enough to prevent occupational risks, but it is about going further to achieve the comfort of employees, the greatest asset of companies. 
Grupo Autor is a fruit and vegetable brand that takes into account both the environment and the care of staff, two aspects that currently have an important weight when offering a product or service. Therefore, Grupo Autor becomes a brand with a human character, differentiating itself from many companies in the fruit and vegetable warehouse sector. Motivation and care in workers is a fundamental pillar for the effective growth of companies, since the efforts of workers are a driving force to make them evolve and progress. Therefore, it is crucial to maintain an optimal work environment to achieve the expansion and growth of any type of business. 
When purchasing a product, there are several factors that affect the purchasing decision, and one of them is the work environment of the companies. We are buying not only the product and/or service, but also collaborating with whoever treats or makes it. Grupo Autor takes care of even the smallest detail to offer a quality and careful product for both the end user and the group of workers. 
Therefore, Grupo Autor becomes a company that complies with different measures to make the lives of employees easier, thus improving the user experience and also the company's competitiveness. The brand is always in constant evolution, adapting to the needs of the market and society. This is a permanent objective, together with an own company agreement and the equality plan. 



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