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Grupo Autor reinforces its commitment to the quality and legality of its fourth-range products

Following the trend of previous years, there has been a considerable increase in the sale of melon and watermelon of fourth range, demonstrating solid and constant growth in the fruit and vegetable industry.

It is because of that Author Group has been working for years on the adaptation and maintenance of its clean room where the pieces are cut into quarters and halves, filmed and kept in an atmosphere of constant cold until they reach their final recipient in the different supermarket chains to which that they supply.

In the words of its commercial director, Jordi Valle: “The White Room brings additional value to our Melon de Autor and Watermelon Foodie brands by offering another product line to our customers.”

This year, the pumpkin in fourth range, being a success in the national market, managing to maintain continuity twelve months of the year. It should be noted that all the fourth-range fruit that leaves its facilities complies with Royal Decree 1021/2022 that regulates the operation and safety in these processing centers, with the Group's goal being to comply with all current regulations, as well as guarantee freshness. and quality of its products for the customer.



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