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Regular sports practice is essential to leading a healthy lifestyle at any age. Playing a soccer game, going for a run, taking long walks, meditating, swimming or practicing any sport will help you be healthier and therefore benefit your body. 
Practicing physical activity provides multiple benefits for the body: it reduces the risk of hypertension, heart disease or diabetes, helps prevent bone health problems, improves functional capacity and helps achieve caloric balance and a healthy weight. It is recommended to do about thirty minutes of moderate physical activity a day to benefit from sport. The benefits of sport are not only physical, but also positively influence mental health, preventing the onset of depression, reducing stress and improving self-esteem. 

To lead a healthy lifestyle, it is important to combine sports with a good diet before, during and after exercising. Foodie Watermelon and Signature Melon They become two ideal fruits to include in your daily diet, especially after playing sports. These two foods are characterized by their high water content, making them ideal for recovering energy and hydrating. 

Author Group Knowing the importance of incorporating sports into our lives, it has dietitians, nutritionists and professionals linked to the world of sports who help them offer advice for a healthy life. In addition, the brand has attended several sporting events promoting a healthy lifestyle. It has participated as a nutritional unit in several events: the Davis Cup or in the Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell Conde de Godó Trophy. In these, they made their products known through natural juices and smoothies to athletes and companions. The multitude of combinations that were made with the company's fresh and quality products were a good time to demonstrate and promote their commitment to the sport. 



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