Melón de Autor

Signature Melon, a product available 12 months of the year 

Based on innovative and sustainable cultivation methods, Signature Melon It is a fruit that can be consumed during the twelve months of the year. After several years of research and dedication, farmers have achieved, through selection and cultivation techniques in different areas of the world, a fruit that maintains its superior quality regardless of the time of year. This means that consumers can enjoy its juicy sweetness and perfect texture at any time, breaking with the tradition that melon is only a summer fruit. 

The secret behind this melon lies in its perfect balance between sweetness and freshness. Professionals in the sector have worked hard to perfect this balance, ensuring that each piece stands out for its nutritional and organoleptic properties. Furthermore, agricultural practices that respect the environment are promoted in the cultivation process. 

Author Group, a leader in melon production, has perfected a growing method that promises exceptional flavor and consistent quality in any season of the year. With deep knowledge in the fruit and vegetable sector, they have carefully chosen the different lands for cultivation, seeking optimal weather conditions to obtain a superior quality product. The company has implemented a rigorous planting and harvesting procedure that aligns with the brand's values. This process ensures that each melon not only meets taste and texture standards, but also reflects a commitment to sustainability and food safety. 

Signature Melon is a product available on 12 months of the year, offering consumers a unique dining experience, regardless of the season. It is a product that transcends seasonal barriers to offer a unique flavor and uncompromising quality, at any time. With Melón de Autor, Grupo Autor reaffirms its commitment to innovation, sustainability and excellence in global agriculture. 



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